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fisherGwen Fisher, Ph.D. | Principal Investigator

Gwen’s research examines two general areas: 1) health and well-being among older workers, such as the relationship between work characteristics and changes in physical, emotional, and cognitive health as workers age, work ability, and the retirement process; 2) work/non-work issues. She is interested in individual and workplace factors that facilitate work/life balance and parents’ return to work following parental leave. Prior to joining the faculty at CSU, Gwen spent twelve years working at the Institute for Social Research (ISR) Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, playing ice hockey, skiing, hiking, running, cooking, and traveling.



crainTori Crain, Ph.D. | Principal Investigator

Tori's research focuses on both positive and negative aspects of the work/non-work interface, in addition to sleep and fatigue in relation to work. She is especially interested in understanding the interplay among work, non-work, and sleep. Tori utilizes occupational health interventions to target worker stress and work/non-work issues in an attempt to improve employee sleep and overall health. Before coming to CSU, Tori was an OHP trainee at Portland State University and a research associate for the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, a NIOSH Total Worker Health Center of Excellence. Tori enjoys hiking, running, skiing, playing soccer, and exploring her new home in Colorado with her husband and yellow lab.



brossoitRebecca Brossoit | Third Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Becca’s primary research interests include sleep, the work/nonwork interface, shiftwork, safety, and low-income populations. In particular, she is interested in developing interventions and training programs that promote worker health, safety, and well-being. Outside of work, Becca enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with friends.



caveKelly Cave | Second Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Kelly’s research interests include work/life balance, occupational stress interventions, and safety climate and culture. She hopes to one day use her research to support employee health and wellbeing in an applied setting. As an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida, Kelly assisted with teams research in multiple I/O labs, and conducted her own honors thesis investigating how perceptions of critical feedback are influenced by personality. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and exploring all that Colorado has to offer.



clancyBecca Clancy| First Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Becca's research interests focus on work/life balance, diversity, worker stress, and the effects of mental health at work. Her previous research at Michigan State University examined the impact of authenticity at work and a phenomenon known as the glass cliff. Becca is currently working with Dr. Gwen Fisher on research specific to eldercare issues and working parents. In her free time, Becca enjoys spending time outside, traveling, photography, and trying out new restaurants and breweries.



daigleKelsie Daigle | Second Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Kelsie’s research interests include working caregivers' well-being and breastfeeding in the workplace. She wants to explore mechanisms and occupational health interventions that promote healthy behaviors and how supervisor support relates to individual factors (e.g., sleep hygiene, age, fitness level, pregnancy, etc.). She has a keen interest in studying marginalized, low-wage, or vulnerable working populations. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, crafting, and cooking (and of course eating).



chaffeeDorey Chaffee, M.S. | Fourth Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Dorey’s OHP research interests focus on health and well-being among older workers and the transition from work to retirement. Currently she is working with Dr. Gwen Fisher examining the relationship between job demands and health outcomes. Dorey is also interested in applied research, specifically in the development and application of health-related interventions in the workplace. Her previous research examined the effectiveness of an intervention designed to help individuals develop personalized measurement and feedback systems to increase their personal effectiveness. Outside of work, Dorey enjoys exploring the great outdoors and experiencing all the wonderful things Colorado has to offer.



hanscomMadison Hanscom | Fourth Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Madison’s research interests include generational attitudes, stress in the workplace, interactions between work and family, and retirement. She is very interested in supporting overall worker health and wellbeing. When Madison is not working she is usually reading, spending time outdoors, eating her favorite foods, or enjoying good company.



haruyamaDorothy Haruyama | Second Year Counseling Psychology Grad Student

Dorothy’s research focuses on the intersection of gender, culture and age in higher education and the workplace. Her work with OHP involves researching working women, and their partner’s, experiences with taking parental leave. She also researches factors that influence women’s interest and persistence in STEM education and occupations. Outside of work Dorothy enjoys getting to the mountains for running and hiking or tackling new strategies for board games in a cozy living room.



mattinglyVictoria Mattingly, M.S. | Sixth Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Victoria’s specific interest in OHP research has to do with caregiver discrimination. She is currently working with Dr. Gwen Fisher & Dr. Chris Henle on a study investigating how job applicants might be “penalized” for having caregiving responsibilities outside of the workplace (e.g., taking care of children, aging parents, etc.). Through this work, she hopes to shed light on how employers may be penalizing, and by consequence, be losing valuable employees based due to bias against caregivers. On days she is able to achieve work-life balance, you can find her running, singing, or eating delicious meals cooked by her culinary-trained husband.



naudeMegan Naude, M.S. | Fifth Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Megan is interested in OHP research topics involving work/family issues and stress. She is currently working on a meta-analysis exploring the relationship between age and work/family issues. She is also collaborating with researchers from Colorado State University, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Connecticut to write a paper that examines the link between work/nonwork interference and enhancement and retirement behavior. Megan is interested in research related to the topic of underload with a specific emphasis in exploring the stress outcomes associated with not having enough to do at work. In her spare time, Megan enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.



shimizu Adelyn Shimizu, M.S. | Fourth Year Counseling Psychology Grad Student

Adelyn is in the counseling psychology doctoral program at Colorado State University and in the OHP concentration. Broadly, her research orientation strives to promote occupational health and well-being within the workplace through the framework of applied positive psychology. Her current research focuses on calling and meaningful work, which she conducts as an advisee of Dr. Dik. Adelyn’s current research projects aim to help better conceptualize calling and to understand more clearly what motivates individuals to engage in meaningful work and calling. In her free time, she enjoys traveling internationally, enjoying the outdoor beauty of the local Rockies, and snuggling with her two dogs.



stevens Shalyn Stevens | Second Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Shalyn’s primary research interests within OHP are employees' interactions with technology, supervisor support for family life, occupational stress, and overall well-being. She hopes to one day use her research to design interventions promoting healthy behaviors that increase satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. Shalyn's previous research focused on cognitive strategies to reduce and manage stressful life events. In her free time Shalyn enjoys traveling, yoga, reading, and skiing.



waltersKevin Walters, M.S. | Fifth Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Kevin’s research interests are primarily focused on the positive side of Occupational Health Psychology. Specifically, he’s interested in understanding work stress in order to promote a workplace environment that emphasizes overall happiness and health. His current research is focused on overall stress and job satisfaction among nurses, with future projects oriented towards assessing potential sources of psychological stress and well-being among workers in the marijuana industry. When not in the office, Kevin likes to promote a healthy work-life balance by hiking, running, biking to various microbreweries, or finding any other activity that involves being outside.



wongJacqueline Wong | First Year I/O Psychology Grad Student

Jacqueline's research interests include interests include work/life balance, stress, diversity, leadership/supervisor support, and research methods/measurement. She is interested in developing interventions regarding time use and supervisor support to improve worker health and wellbeing, particularly for marginalized and vulnerable populations. Outside of school, Jacqueline loves live music, theater, good food, hiking, and travel.





Undergraduate RAs

        Mahira Ganster

        Kymbre Mitchell


Research Team Alumni

Graduate Students

        Krista Hoffmeister, Ph.D. - Talent Management, Otterbox

        Lauren Menger-Ogle, Ph.D. - Training and Evaluation Fellow, NIOSH

        Morgan Valley, Ph.D. - Prevention Scientist and Program Evaluator, Colorado State University

        Angela Martin, M.S.

        Javier Ospina, M.S.

        Steve Manning, M.S.

        James Weston, M.S.


Undergraduate Students

        Janalee Thompson, B.S., M.S. - Center for Health, Work, & Environment, University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus

        John Morgan, B.S. - Ph.D. program in I/O psychology at Clemson University

        Joshua Arce, B.S. - Master's program, University of Limerick, Ireland

        Qiuyu Su, B.S. - Ph.D. program in Management at University of Alabama

        Arieana Thompson, B.S. - Ph.D. program in I/O Psychology at Florida International University

        David Wallace, B.S. - Ph.D. program in I/O Psychology at University of Missouri-St.Louis

        Chloe Wilson, B.S. - Ph.D. program in I/O psychology at Clemson University

        Alyssa Ortiz, B.S.

        Lilias Reed, B.S.

        Jiaxing Wu, B.S.


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